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iPhone cases made of real marble? This should hardly be possible due to weight, price and risk of breakage. However, we have come very close to the result of a real marble case for iPhone. The problem with cheap iPhone cases in marble look can be subsumed under the following headings:


A case made of cheap hard plastic feels very bad, the feel is not particularly pleasant and you put your iPhone made of aluminum in a clacking plastic frame. So it neither feels nor looks like marble. This is different with CELLBEE® marble cases! We have managed to conjure up the back of the case made of glass, so that your iPhone feels extremely high quality and looks really great with the case. Precise cutouts, camera protection and an elegant design take your Apple smartphone to a new level.

iPhone Hülle X in Marmor Optik


A factor that should not be neglected in a cell phone case for the iPhone is protection. Of course, the design also counts, but first and foremost it is a protective cover for the beloved mobile apple. The glass back is an absolute advantage here. Especially the back of the 8th generation iPhones has the problem that the glass is very prone to breakage. We prevent this with a bulletproof glass back. This absorbs the energy and will break if the worst comes to the worst. This ensures perfect protection.

iPhone X Hülle Marmor Optik

CELLBEE® has the perfect case for you if you like marble optics and don't want to devalue your iPhone with cheap plastic.

You can get your CELLBEE® marble case for your iPhone 7 & 8 as well as your iPhone 7/8 Plus and the iPhone X here:


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