The perfect screen protector for the iPhone - why CELLBEE?

CELLBEE® screen protector - whether for your iPhone 6 or your brand new iPhone XS Max. A good screen protector makes a noticeable difference for your mobile device from Apple. Today we explain to you what matters, how the best iPhone screen protector has to be designed and why you should consider premium tempered glass from CELLBEE®.

First of all, it is important to look at the product itself. A good bulletproof glass starts with the conception. First of all, key data must be clarified: fully covering bulletproof glass or a slim glass, possibly a fusion glass that combines the best of both worlds. (More on this in a post that explains the difference between our 'the Curved' 4D screen protector and the 'the Fusion' bulletproof glass.)

A fully covering screen protector is essential in this case ! Otherwise there is a risk of breakage on the corners and edges of your iPhone.

iPhone 4D Displayschutz curved

Then you have to see how far you want to pull the adhesive layer. Many (also well-known) armored glass manufacturers had problems with the release of the iPhone X with dust between the armored glass and the iPhone display. CELLBEE® got this problem under control extremely quickly and not only made the notch dust-free, but also completely invisible. Absolutely innovative. Dust behind the sensors is therefore not a problem, because the adhesive was drawn to the edge of the screen protector. No annoying cleaning with vacuum cleaner etc. It must be mentioned, however, that the adhesive layer cannot simply be pulled further. This is a highly complex process, which involves extreme technical effort and development.

iPhone X Panzerglas unsichtbar

As far as the problem with the adhesive is solved and the iPhone screen protector made of bulletproof glass is dust-free, it is the turn of the coloring of the edges and the 4D curved effect. The question is often asked why the edge of the screen protector for the Apple product is colored. Quite simply: The edge of the glue or the adhesive layer should be made invisible. The problem with armored glass for iPhone X & Xs, as well as Xs Max and Xr, however, is that it makes sense to draw a black border around the earpiece. This way, the screen protector disappears even better on the iPhone. This is the case with CELLBEE® for all display protectors for the iPhone X or newer.

iPhone XS Notch unsichtbar

Last but not least, it is important to work out the mixing ratio of real glass to plastic for the best iPhone X screen protector. To do this, you first have to be clear about the effect of the two extremes. A lot of plastic has the nice effect that the "armored glass" does not break. It can withstand all adversities and is practically unbreakable. In addition to the horrific feel, this property is also the greatest weakness - it doesn't break! But it should be to absorb the energy of a fall. Often iPhone users then have an intact bulletproof glass but a defective display. However, this runs completely against the meaning and purpose of "armored glass". In addition, plastic would be extremely susceptible to scratches.

(How bulletproof glass should NOT look.)

The other extreme would be pure glass, this has a great feel and strength resistance, but glass is also brittle and breaks immediately. In other words, the screen protector would break on its own and leave very sharp splinters of glass that can cause nasty cuts in the skin.

iPhone X Displayschutz 4D curved

(CELLBEE® iPhone Xs screen protector with applicator)

It follows that one has to go in search of the optimal mixture. We at CELLBEE® have developed an extremely reliable screen protector , which does not break too quickly , is extremely scratch-resistant and has an ingenious feel . In addition, our iPhone X screen protector with 4 D Known almost completely is invisible. This of course also applies to all other armored glass from CELLBEE®.

You can now take a look at the products we talked about:

iPhone Xs screen protector 'the Curved'

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