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Fabian Geissler has been our guest blogger from since November 2018. As a journalist, he bought and tested CELLBEE® products at an early stage. Over time we became aware of him and were able to win him over as a blogger. This blog was completely written by him and all pictures were taken by him. Thank you very much!

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Weihnachtsgeschenk Gadget iPhone Weihnachten Advent Hülle Panzerglas Case Powerbank induktives Laden CELLBEE Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find the right present for your loved ones at Christmas. To make things a little easier for you, I am helping you today with a few small gift ideas. So if you know someone in your circle of friends / acquaintances who is given a new iPhone for Christmas or has just bought a new iPhone, you can definitely make that person happy.

Wireless charging - anyone can use it

Starting with the iPhone 8, every iPhone model supports inductive charging. So you don't always have to connect your iPhone with a Lightning cable to charge it, you can simply put it on a charging pad. This is particularly practical at the desk, as you can always charge your iPhone conveniently and easily. We particularly recommend the PowerWave charging station from Anker : Buy on Amazon * .

Never lose your key ring again

I dare to bet that everyone in their circle of friends has at least one person who regularly misplaces their keychain, wallet or other important item. With this small, practical tag from the company Tile you will be notified as soon as you are too far away from (for example) your key ring. Incidentally, the trailer also signals you if you leave your smartphone somewhere. A pretty practical little piece that always goes down well at Christmas. The smart trailers can be bought individually, as a bundle or even as a bike mount: View product list on Amazon * .

Through Christmas with bass

Anyone who likes to listen to music, and above all a lot, may always need a loudspeaker. With the Libratone ZIPP you get a lot of music for (relatively) little money. The latest generation is even equipped with AirPlay 2, so several speakers can be connected to one and distributed over several rooms. The portable loudspeaker is also perfect for road trips or excursions thanks to its integrated battery. Libratone ZIPP in the latest generation with AirPlay 2: Buy on Amazon * .

New iPhone without perfect screen protection?

You also need the perfect screen protector to match a new iPhone. One can definitely recommend CellBee! Why? The screen protector sits perfectly on every iPhone, looks inconspicuous, protects your display from damage and can also be used with cases without any problems. I personally have been using the CellBee screen protector since the iPhone 6 and have only ever used the CellBee screen protector for each subsequent iPhone. After all, it has saved me from a broken display one time or the other. The right CellBee screen protector for your device: Browse through the shop .

Elegant cases also protect the back of the iPhone

Cases for iPhone are a dime a dozen, but which one is the best? Of course it's hard to say, but CellBee comes pretty close with its Ultra Slim Cases . In addition to the screen protection, I can only give my personal recommendation for the cases. The cases are extremely precisely tailored, fit perfectly on every iPhone and are almost invisible. In addition, the simple colors are a really pleasant change from all the other colorful covers on the market. Which ultra slim case you ultimately choose is up to you, but I personally find depp black and milky transparent the most appealing. The perfect CellBee case for your iPhone: Discover in the shop .

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