Future 5G - CES 2019 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas becomes the center of technology for a few days each year. At CES, products will be presented that will come onto the market in the course of the year and you will also get a small preview of the technologies of the future.

The big topic this year was 5G. The successor to the LTE network not only offers much faster data transmission rates, but also new possibilities for networked technologies.
I had the opportunity to be on site at CES and took a closer look at the manufacturers and their new technologies.

Pressekonferenz von Qualcomm auf der CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Bild: Fabian Geissler, Hack4Life

Quallcomm is considered a pioneer of 5G and presented new modems and chips at a press conference, which are already being built into the first smartphones. Qualcomm also relies heavily on autonomous driving and has therefore also presented the " Snapdragon automotive cockpit platform of the 3rd generation ".

Samsung 5G auf der CES 2019 in Las Vegas

At the CES, Samsung showed the technologies that are needed to bring 5G networks to end customers. So you could get an insight into what infrastructure you need to be able to set up a 5G modem at home, for example, in order to receive Internet.

Both Huawei, Samsung and LG, as well as a few smaller smartphone manufacturers are already in the 5G fever and are preparing their smartphones for the upcoming technology. However, it will take a few years before 5G can be used to its full potential in this country (especially in more rural areas).

So if you are already considering buying a smartphone with a built-in 5G modem, you should wait a while, because it is currently not worth the extra charge.

Pictures: Samsung and Fabian Geissler

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