Screen time limitation per day in 12.2

With iOS 12, Apple introduced Screen Time. A very practical feature with which you can monitor and restrict your online consumption . A practical feature for parents, as you can set limits for your children for games and e.g. YouTube pretty easily. Unfortunately, these limits can currently only be set generally. As a user on Twitter found out in the latest iSO 12.2 Beta, these limits can now be defined per app and per weekday.

iOS 12.2 Beta

This means you can set lower limits during the week than at the weekend, when you have more time anyway.

However, it will be a few more weeks before everyone can access the new features in iOS 12.2, as iOS 12.2 is only available as a beta and some bugs are still hidden in the pre-release version.

But that's not the only new feature in iOS 12.2, but you can read more about it here in the blog next week.

Image: @Mr_SamSpencer

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