Opinion: According to Apple, bent iPad Pros are normal after purchase

Apple has confirmed to TheVerge that some of the 2018 iPad Pro models will ship with a curvature. According to the Cupertino company, this is a side effect of the manufacturing process and will not get worse over time and should not affect the performance of the iPad Pro.

Apple itself does not see this as a problem!

The bend is the result of the cooling process of the built-in metal and plastic components during manufacture. Both variants can be affected. If you take into account the price aspect of up to 2099 € for the iPad Pro with 12.9 "display, 1TB storage space and LTE support, then you ask yourself: What is that about?

If you get a bent iPad Pro, you can have it exchanged within 14 days of purchase. However, it is unclear what it looks like outside the 14-day period.

Also for Christmas there will be some iPad Pro models under the Christmas tree that have almost certainly been bought some time in advance.

If you read through the comments in some forums, it quickly becomes clear that Apple employees advise data subjects to swap through AppleCare +, as it is said to be the fault of the deliberate damage.

Apple also informed TheVerge that the 2018 iPad Pro has not seen an increased return rate.

But how can it be that you spend so much money on a tablet and then have to accept that it is bent? In my opinion it is an absolute cheek on the part of Apple not to regard the bent devices as a real "problem".

An official Apple exchange program for affected devices is definitely not (yet) in place at this point in time. I will continue to monitor the issue for the next few weeks and update the post as soon as there is any news on this.

Featured image: MacRumors .

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