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Apple brings Tesla senior designer Andrew Kim to its team. According to his LinkedIn profile , Andrew switched to Apple in December. But who actually is Andrew Kim and what will that mean for Apple's future?

Kim's career begins in 2012 when he released his idea of ​​the new Microsoft lineup logos. In June 2013 he then worked for Microsoft, where he was responsible for the Windows 10 user interface, among other things. He also worked on the Microsoft HoloLens and the Xbox One S. After more than three years, Andrew went to Tesla, where - according to his LinkedIn profile - he worked on the Model 3, S, X and Y as well as the Roadster V2 and the semi truck. His task was to design and design the interior of the Model 3.

Model 3 Innenraum

The challenge with the Model 3 was to create a balance between the required elements of a car, which can be driven by both a human and possibly a computer. You can read the entire interview here .

Is Apple now getting into the auto industry?

With this enormous background knowledge Andrew has, it would be only logical for Apple to work on its own car. Apple's entry into the auto industry is unlikely, but Apple could team up with vehicle manufacturers and provide software for them that enables and / or improves autonomous driving.

Based on his experience at Microsoft, one could also assume that Andrew Kim will work on improving the UI of iOS / macOS at Apple.

The influence of Andrew at Apple will probably only be recognized in the near future, at least six days ago he started his first day at Apple .

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