The most expensive Apple Watch in the world - € 38,000!

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Apple Watch aus Gold Panzerglas Hülle Displayschutz Zubehör

The Apple Watch Series 4 is available from Apple for as little as € 429. If you have something unique, special and still don't want to do without the Smartwatch from Apple, you can also spend € 38,000 on an Apple Watch. The price is not a typo or something like that, because the Russian company Caviar sells this model. The Apple Watch Series 4 from Caviar comes in three different versions: white, black and red. The watches are refined with a special technique and equipped with a total of 633 stones.

Caviar is the literal translation of our brand name, and it also is the univocal synonym of wealth, such broad, hospitable and generous Russian life on a grand scale. So, we thought that it is time to address directly to the image of this delicacy and turn it into a jewel! We decided to decorate Apple Watch Series 4 with the precious “caviar” and literally scattered them with diamonds. These extraordinary models are for those who cannot be surprised easily.

The most expensive model is the White Caviar version with white diamonds for a proud € 38,600. Those who prefer to spend a little less money can order the Red Caviar variant for € 33,100. The Russian company is known for its refined products and also offers gold-plated iPhones every now and then. Some time ago, the company offered a gold-plated iPhone XS for around $ 15,000. But even unusual products such as a mechanical clockwork on the back of an iPhone XS / XS Max are no problem for the company. If you want to buy a gold-plated, diamond-studded Apple Watch Series 4, you will at least get free shipping. Click here to go to the Caviar .


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