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The successor to the iPhone XS will appear in 2019 and it will probably change a lot for iPhone users. New 5G modems, a new connection and three cameras are just a few of the innovations that can be expected according to the latest rumors. On November 12th, Intel presented the XMM 8160 5G Modem , which is supposed to equip not only mobile devices, but also PCs and notebooks with 5G. The successor to LTE is currently being expanded and there are almost no 5G tariffs, but all mobile phone network operators and smartphone manufacturers are currently upgrading to be well equipped for the start of the new technology.

Intel’s new XMM 8160 5G modem provides the ideal solution to support large volumes for scaling across multiple device categories to coincide with broad 5G deployments.

We will find out in autumn next year at the earliest whether Apple will switch to the upcoming 5G standard in the 2019 iPhone model or not.

Further development of FaceID

Apple will also go one step further with the FaceID sensor and not only pay attention to a faster speed when recognizing and authenticating the faces, but also using a further developed technology. According to the analyst Kuo Ming-Chi , the 2019 iPhone will use a surface emitter (VCSEL) in the FaceID system. This improves the accuracy of FaceID and the influence of other infrared light sources is not as extreme.

Three cameras on the back

In the meantime, some manufacturers have already introduced smartphones with three cameras on the back and put them on the market. Huawei is one of the best known with the Mate 20 / Mate20 Pro . It is not yet known exactly which lenses will be involved. In any case, a wide-angle and a telephoto lens will be installed again. The third lens could serve as a support for the other two lenses and thus, for example, provide images in a higher resolution.

USB-C on the iPhone 2019

iPhone 2019 Gerüchte rumours bester Displayschutz Innovation Apple USB-C

With the new iPad Pro, Apple has swapped the Lightning connector for a USB-C connector this year. So now not only the MacBook Pro / Air models are equipped with USB-C connectors, but also the iPad Pro. It is now obvious that Apple will also rely on the new, universal connection in the new iPhone. So you would only need one cable to charge or synchronize your MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Since more and more devices rely on USB-C, such as camera manufacturers, you can connect them with just a single cable to either charge them or to exchange data. All in all, the iPhone 2019 will be a really exciting device, which will also bring some exciting innovations. We won't find out what Apple will actually implement until the keynote in autumn 2019. Image: Apple

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