Finally two sizes again: iPhone XS and XS Max

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When Apple presented the iPhone XS this fall, they already knew almost everything about the latest flagship from Cupertino in advance. But is the new device so much better than the iPhone X? We compare the iPhone X with the iPhone XS and help you decide.

Finally two sizes again: iPhone XS and XS Max

Since Apple introduced the iPhone 6 on September 9, 2014, every iPhone model has been offered in two different sizes. Especially when you have larger hands or you just wanted to see more on the display, the decision was always made for the Plus model. However, this has changed with the iPhone X.
Even if the display is 5.8 "larger than that of the Plus models (which only have a 5.5" display), the device just felt too small. Of course, you got used to the handy size of the iPhone X pretty quickly, but a larger model would still have been desirable. In autumn 2018, Apple introduced two sizes again with the iPhone XS. Like its predecessor, the iPhone XS has a 5.8 "OLED display and its bigger brother, the iPhone XS Max, even has a 6.5" OLED display. In terms of form factor, the iPhone XS Max is also the same as the Plus models. Switching from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS Max is a bit difficult at the beginning due to the size difference, but over time you get used to the larger device quite quickly and learn to appreciate the larger display.

iPhone xs max in gold apple iPhone xs Plus 2018

Would you like some color?

The iPhone X is only available in the colors silver and space gray , whereas the iPhone XS is also available in the color gold . Unfortunately, the back of the golden iPhone XS looks more like rose gold than a real gold color. However, the frame is extremely beautiful and is particularly effective in gold. Unfortunately, like the iPhone X, the frame is also prone to scratches and scuffs. This can only be polished away in the silver version. This is not possible with the colors Space Gray and Gold , because you would remove the color coating when you polish.

Faster FaceID in the iPhone XS?

FaceID is the successor to TouchID for Apple and works quite well too. Your iPhone recognizes and unlocks your face even in dark surroundings and with headgear. FaceID has been improved in the iPhone XS and, according to Apple, works faster than the previous model. During the keynote, however, Apple did not reveal how much faster the revised FaceID is. In everyday life, however, you hardly notice any difference. The iPhone XS unlocks in an acceptable time, but the speed has absolutely no relation to TouchID. Nonetheless, FaceID is a pleasant way to unlock your device and thanks to iOS 12 you can now configure an alternative appearance .

How it works: Add an alternative appearance

Alternative Face-ID einfügen IOS 12 iPhone entsperren

Opens the Settings and scrolls to the point FaceID & Code . Now enter your unlock code and tap on Configure alternative appearance .

in the following menu

Better camera and better processor in the iPhone XS

Geekbench Apple iPhone xs 2018 vs iPhone x aus 2017

As every year, Apple is also improving the camera and the built-in processor in its devices. Apple is one of the first smartphone manufacturers to use a 7nm architecture for the processor. Thanks to this form factor, the processor is energy efficient despite its enormous performance. Apps open quickly, stay open for a long time in multitasking and games are also fun on the iPhone XS. Same as on the iPhone X, because the processor built into the iPhone X is (almost) in no way inferior to the A12 Bionic Chip. For most applications, all things can be done with the iPhone X as quickly as with the iPhone XS. The iPhone XS only beats its predecessor when it comes to graphics-intensive tasks such as exporting large images to Lightroom or really complex games. With the built-in lenses in the iPhone XS, you don't really notice any difference. You can change the aperture on the iPhone XS in portrait mode afterwards, but that's about it with the noteworthy changes. If you take professional photos with your iPhone, you will notice a few slight differences, but the iPhone X's camera is just as suitable for Instagram amateur photographers or for vacation memories.

Conclusion: Is it worth switching from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS is a typical S update from Apple and apart from the size of the device and an additional color, it hardly differs from its predecessor. So if you currently have an iPhone X, you should rather wait until autumn 2019. In addition, you should protect your device from damage with a worthy screen protector. The CellBee® bulletproof glass is not only invisible, it is also case-friendly and, thanks to the supplied applicator, can be attached perfectly in seconds. Another advantage: thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the armored glass is practically invisible and thus protects your iPhone display against scratches.

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