Dark Mode in iOS 13 - Why Apple should go along with it

There has been a desire for a so-called "dark mode" in iOS for several years. Up to now Apple has not built this directly into iOS and with iOS 13 Apple should really introduce this "night mode". Why? You can read that in this post.

The power of OLED

Dark Mode in iOS 13

The iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have an OLED screen installed. With an OLED screen, each pixel can be controlled individually and simply switched off completely in the case of black areas.

Dark Mode in iOS 13 auf dem iPhone

In dark mode, large parts of the user interface are switched to black, which means that large parts of the display can simply be switched off on an OLED screen. The less the screen is in use, the less battery the display consumes - which means that the battery life is much longer. Especially in combination with the energy-saving mode, this new mode would have an extremely good effect on the battery life.

Android Q shows the way

Dark Theme in Android Q auf der Google I/O vorgestellt

At the Google I / O , the latest Android version with the name " Android Q " was presented at the beginning of May. Just like iOS 13, this will appear in autumn and has a so-called "dark theme" which can be activated via the control center.

It's Apple's turn at the beginning of June

WWDC19 von Apple am 3. Juni

On 3. June 2019 is Apple's turn and with iOS 13 can inspire more users for iOS again or screw up a lot. A dark mode should definitely be included in iOS 13 - after all, Apple's biggest competition already has this on board and this feature is also very popular.

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