Apple may unveil redesigned Mac Pro at WWDC

In June, Apple will again hold the annual World Wide Developer Conference. Even if the focus - as always - is on the software, Apple always introduces new hardware. This year Apple is supposed to update the Mac Pro - as the colleagues from The Verge report. The current design of the Mac Pro is controversial among many, but it is efficient, especially when it comes to cooling inside.

Apple last updated the Mac Pro two years ago, so 2019 would be the perfect time for a new edition as part of the keynote at WWDC. In addition to new hardware, we are also presented with iOS 13, watchOS 6 and macOs 10.15. In the next few weeks there will be some features of the new software versions here in the blog, because at least some details are already known.

It is also suspected that Apple will once again present its own external monitor. This currently has the code name J290 and should offer HDR support.
According to some reports, the monitor should be 31.6 inches, offer a resolution of 6k and have a mini-LED backlight. With this mini-LED lighting, the contrast of the display is increased again and you are more likely to get an OLED experience.

Nothing is known about the specifications of the new Mac Pro at the moment, but Apple should fall back on the latest high-end hardware, because the Mac Pro is not designed for normal end customers, but for "pro users" .

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