iPhone XR - a closer look.

The iPhone XR is colorful and convinces in full length. We took a closer look at the iPhone XR and are impressed by the colorful smartphone from Cupertino.

iPhone Xr in corall rot neues iPhone 2018 - Test

Everything colorful

The iPhone XR is available in a total of six different colors. These include the colors white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT) RED ™. The back and the frame are always the same color and the front is always black. The iPhone 7 Plus was released in March 2017 as a (PRODUCT) RED ™ Edition, but with a white front, which didn't look really elegant. Fortunately, Apple has now installed a black front everywhere on the colorful iPhone models. This is also thanks to the built-in display, because unlike the iPhone X / XS, there is no OLED screen, but a so-called Liquid Retina display.

What is Liquid Retina?

Liquid Retina is the "most advanced LCD (display) in a smartphone" and impresses with its color accuracy. But what does that mean now? It is still an LCD display that is built into the iPhone XR, but it is in almost no way inferior to the OLED display of the iPhone XS. Only when you watch videos with a black border in a dark environment do you recognize the advantages of OLED technology. With an OLED screen, each individual pixel can be individually controlled and also switched off. Whenever there is a black area in a photo / video, the affected pixels are simply switched off and this creates the impression that the black areas are really black. With all other display technologies, there is always a slight gray cast in the black areas, because these are still illuminated by the background lighting. The iPhone XR Liquid Retina Display supports Apple's True Tone technology: this means that the color temperature adapts to your surroundings. Especially at night or when there is little light, this makes for a more pleasant viewing experience.

The big surprise: the camera

The iPhone XR has the same camera as the iPhone XS, but only one lens instead of two. But that doesn't mean that you have to compromise on functionality. Although only one lens is installed, the iPhone XR has portrait mode and you can also adjust the depth of field here afterwards. The camera is therefore just as good as the one in the iPhone XS (because it is also the same camera).

Like the iPhone XS from the inside

The iPhone XR has the same components as the iPhone XS and is therefore just as good. If the iPhone XS is too small for you, but the iPhone XS Max too big, we will be satisfied with the iPhone XR, because the display is 6.1 "between the other two models. The processor is also the A12 Bionic Chip used, which convinces with its 7nm architecture.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the iPhone XR?

iPhone xr 2018 Apple in gelb

If you are looking for a new smartphone but don't want to spend too much on it, you will be satisfied with the iPhone XR. Above all, the color coral convinced us, because the orange looks very pleasant and you don't see such a color on a smartphone every day. The blue could have been a bit more saturated and unfortunately looks more light blue. So that you can optimally protect your new device from scratches, you should protect the display with CellBee® bulletproof glass. The advantage: thanks to a special coating, you can hardly see any fingerprints and the sensors also remain dust-free. With the included installation aid, the precise attachment of the iPhone XR bulletproof glass is child's play and within a few minutes you can have an almost invisible screen protector attached to your iPhone XR.

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