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Here at CellBee® there are two different types of screen protectors: The Curved and The Fusion - but which screen protector is right for me? In this post I will explain the difference between the two variants.

Before I go into the differences between The Fusion and The Curved , it is important to know that both screen protection glasses provide full protection for your display , this is due to the hardness of 9H and the unique drop protection of CellBee®. The iPhone is perfectly protected at all times.

The Fusion vs. The Curved - Which protection suits me?

CellBee The Curved und The Fusion - Welcher Displayschutz passt für mich? Ein Beitrag von Fabian Geissler Hack4Life

I applied The Curved on the iPhone X and The Fusion on the iPhone XS Max for this comparison. I have also found some situations for myself in which I prefer to use The Fusion bulletproof glass, but more on that later.

CellBee® The Fusion

CellBee The Fusion

The CellBee® The Fusion tempered glass is slightly smaller than the screen of the iPhone itself and that is exactly what makes it so unique. The whole thing is absolutely nothing bad, it actually has an advantage: Thanks to the resulting distance to the edge of the iPhone, you can attach almost any case. I have a few cases that protrude slightly over the edge of the iPhone and I can use these without any problems.

CellBee The Fusion Panzerglas auf dem iPhone XS Max, Fabian Geissler, Hack4Life, CellBee

In the picture above you can see that the armored glass does not go completely over the edge of the screen. However, as soon as you use the iPhone with a case, you no longer recognize that the tempered glass is smaller than the front of the iPhone, the difference is really minor.

CellBee® The Curved

iPhone X mit CellBee The Curved - Fabian Geissler, Hack4Life, CellBee

The CellBee® The Curved tempered glass is fully covering and really protects the entire screen of your iPhone. With a few cases, the screen protector is not suitable for the iPhone-X, these are mostly silicone cases. Some cases are very tight at the edge of the display and may protrude into the display. As a result, it can happen that the bulletproof glass is pushed slightly upwards and air comes under the CellBee® bulletproof glass. If you only use the original Apple cases, The Curved is no problem either, because the Apple cases can easily be combined with CellBee® The Curved . The Curved represents the purest protection for the iPhone and disappears completely. So the beauty of the iPhone X and Xs is perfectly preserved.

Easy to apply thanks to the applicator

The The Curved bulletproof glass comes with an applicator, which you simply place over the iPhone before you attach the film. With the applicator, the perfect positioning of the tempered glass is absolutely no problem and it is automatically perfectly aligned.
Tip: After you have cleaned your display and positioned the applicator, check your display again for any dust particles and remove them with the dust absorber before you attach the bulletproof glass.


If you like to use your iPhone with a silicone case, then CellBee® The Fusion is the right screen protector for you. This also applies in the event that you frequently throw your iPhone on the floor, because the Fusion has no flaking corners.

If you want to experience your iPhone in its purest form and do not want to make the smallest compromise in design, then CellBee® The Curved is the perfect choice for you. (The connection is also very easy, because there is an applicator included.)

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