Rumors iPhone 2019 - triple camera and OLED displays

In September 2019, Apple will probably hold a keynote again to present the new iPhones for 2019/2020. We are already informing you about some rumors.

Three things :

In 2017, Apple presented 3 iPhone models for the first time, this continued in 2018 and will probably remain that way in 2019 as well. A cheaper iPhone with a screen diagonal of 6.1 inches as the successor to the iPhone Xr. In addition, there is an iPhone with 5.85 and one with 6.46 inches as the successor to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. At least that is the information that comes from the supply chain in Asia.


Source: Twitter VenyaGeskin1


A lot will change with the display. The successor to the iPhone Xr should now also have an OLED display - finally. In addition, Apple has apparently managed to "connect" the touchscreen to the display. This has two advantages: on the one hand, the costs for the display in production are significantly lower, so repairs are probably cheaper. (If you want to forego a repair entirely, we recommend the CellBee® screen protector. ) There is another advantage for Apple, the display is significantly thinner. That means we could see an iPhone for the first time since 2014, which is getting thinner and not thicker.

According to the latest information, Apple will no longer install a 3D touch in the new models. In the future, the function that was introduced with the 6s is to be replaced by a long press. - We are curious if that works as well.



The general design will probably stay pretty much the same. According to rumors, however, Apple will use a back made of frosted glass . Despite speculation that Apple will use a USB-C port (see iPad Pro 2018), it will probably stay with the Lightning port. - Pity. For the display, however, there will be further changes, Apple is said to have managed to partially integrate the Face ID into the display. This allows the notch to be made significantly smaller .


Triple camera

There will probably be another special update for the camera this year. In 2016, Apple presented the iPhone 7 Plus, for the first time with a dual camera. Since then, this has always been found in the top models from Apple. Now there will probably be a triple camera for the first time! Here Apple follows Huawei's example in order to be able to generate a stronger optical zoom. However, it seems that this triple camera will only be reserved for the successor to the iPhone Xs Max. That would be a step backwards, however, then in 2018 both iPhone Xs got the dual camera.

More News?

Apple is said to have thought about the usability of the Apple Pencil and the USB-C port may come after all. However, we will probably not come across a fingerprint scanner built into the display. Although this is already built into the Samsung S10, it doesn't seem like Apple is adopting this technology this year.


The prices of the new iPhones will probably be very interesting and will likely determine success or failure. In 2018 we fell from the clouds, after all, you could buy an iPhone Xs Max for over € 1600. This caused the demand to collapse slightly, because Apple is measured against the cheap Android alternatives, especially in China. We can be curious to see what tendency we have for the price.

So much Edenfalls about the current rumors and information about the new iPhones 2019. We'll keep you up to date!

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