Apple now in India?

According to rumors, Apple is moving the production of iPhones from China to India. To be more precise, in a plant of Apple supplier Foxconn in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu in southern India. This plant is to be upgraded by Foxconn for a total of 360 million US dollars.


Allegedly, Apple is said to have resumed production of the iPhone X. This was discontinued with the launch of the new iPhone Xs. However, India, as a rapidly growing market for Apple, should iron out the sales losses in China. Another reason may be the trade war that the US and China are currently fighting. In the worst case, this could make the iPhone 25% more expensive.

Originally the iPhones were produced in Shenzhen (China mainland). This should change in 2019. The previous production (composition) was taken over by Foxconn in China. So far, only the iPhone models SE and the 6s have been produced in India by Wistron from Taiwan. Should this change and the top models go into production there, up to 25,000 new jobs could be created.

Apple has so far focused more on financially weak customers in India. It is suspected that Apple could try to conquer India with a cheaply produced iPhone X - we will see & report.

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