CELLBEE - a success story from Bavaria

The brand has stood for premium quality iPhone protection since 2015. Since then, CELLBEE has brought premium iPhone tempered glass with applicator onto the market. That means: Don't be afraid of scratches from the protective film. Extremely thin, extremely transparent (light transmission 98%) is our best bulletproof glass in 2018. Long development made this possible. The iPhone X protection has been available since 2017. The iPhone 2019 is also already being planned. We will present our best bulletproof glass at the Apple Keynote 2019.

A tempered glass for the display

Extreme protection with a screen protector: The iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 plus and other iPhones are also optimally protected by screen protectors from the premium brand CELLBEE. A seal to protect against scratches is not necessary. The film for the iPhone is made of invisible bulletproof glass with a 4D effect. The armored glass protection protects against falls and is compatible with Apple sleeves and other cases. The iPhone X film is a special innovation, it is completely dust-free, has an anti-fingerprint and, compared to liquid glass, offers actual protection against harder falls. The iPhone X armored glass with stencil is ideal for installing the iPhone X armored glass and is very case-friendly.

CELLBEE - more than just producing foils

Not only foils, armored glass protection foils or smartphone foils are produced by CELLBEE. The innovative, Touch-ID capable home button for the iPhone and iPad makes the iPhone armored glass cover disappear and is a great accessory product even for films that have already been purchased. The Touch-ID is not affected and it also looks simply elegant.

CELLBEE ultra slim (ultra thin case) offers air feeling and perfect protection against scratches on the glass on the back of the iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. The protective cover extends to the edge of the iPhone X's display, where the CELLBEE tempered glass is already in place.

Perfect protection and a classy design with the cover by CELLBEE

The iPhone X protective cover is thin, slim, light, elegant and completes the design of your mobile phone. A protective film is therefore no longer required for the back. needed. The fullscreen Apple iPhone compatible iPhone X tempered glass offers a great protective cover with the iPhone X protective case.