Further information as well as the size and dimensions of the CELLBEE accessory products for Apple iPhones:

All products are tailored to the respective iPhone model. Please choose exactly the product you need. Example: If you have an iPhone Xs, really only select the iPhone Xs ultra slim case. The speaker openings are extremely precise and differ from the iPhone X.

The CELLBEE armored glass is extremely thin at 0.5 mm. We measure fairly here, namely the adhesive layer and the glass itself. If you read 0.25 mm or 0.3 mm thick glasses from other providers of screen protectors, the adhesive layer has probably been ignored and the glass is very likely thicker than ours. Nevertheless, the CELLBEE tempered glass 9 H is hard, almost as hard as a diamond. The applicator, an attachment aid , supports you in attaching the screen protection glass to your iPhone. So you can work without bubbles and attach the glass perfectly. This is particularly important from the iPhone X , because the Touch-ID button has been replaced by Face-ID . As a result, you need the centering aid to place the glass in the middle. The installation of the screen protector is very easy, all necessary utensils are included.

CELLBEE ultra slim cases are slim and light . Our ultra light, slim Premium Slim Case weighs 4 grams. Nevertheless, it offers anti-scratch protection and protects well against bumps. With a thickness of 0.3 mm, the case is not only light as a feather, but also extremely flat. Nevertheless, it is of course extremely robust and durable. Apart from that, the case offers optimal grip and hold. Then there are the perfect cutouts. This should be considered when choosing the iPhone model. After all, what use is a beautiful case if it is the wrong size for the Apple iPhone?

The CELLBEE home button is proof of the constant innovation and development of well thought-out, suitable products by the German company. Only a home button protection completes the perfect screen protection! The height difference disappears completely and the 3D protective film becomes completely invisible. Touch ID is completely retained and the button is of course also iPad compatible. The Touch-ID button fits every Apple model, regardless of whether it is an iPhone or iPad, which has a home button - and in the usual CELLBEE quality. The Touch-ID is of course only available for the following devices:

iPhone 5 / 5S SE, iPhone 6 / 6S - iPhone 6 / 6S Plus - iPhone 7 - iPhone 7 Plus - iPhone 8 - iPhone 8 Plus