Innovation never sleeps - The story behind CELLBEE®

2009 - The iPhone 3GS was the measure of all things when one of the founders of CELLBEE had to fix his own iPhone. From this "dilemma" one of the very early iPhone repair workshops arose. This business has been around for over 10 years. In 2013, Apple launched the iPhone 5s, so far only iPhone accessories from third-party brands have been sold. However, the two founders of CELLBEE® (the second founder had also entered the iPhone repair business in the meantime) were always bothered by the poor quality of the products from China.

So you say to yourself: "We can do better!".

So there was a long development phase for the right mixture of tempered glass for the iPhone screen protector. When this mixture was ready, a name and a concept were sought. In this process, however, came the new challenge of the iPhone 6 and the rounded corners. Suddenly the glass could no longer simply lie flat on the iPhone, an iPhone screen protector with a curved effect was needed. The development continued until the product was finally perfect in the eyes of the founders in mid-2015.

iPhone 8 Panzerglas mit Homebutton und Applikator

Then an agreement was reached on the name CELLBEE® for the brand under which only premium iPhone accessories should be sold!

The packaging was deliberately kept free of plastic or other substances (glossy advertising, etc.) in order not to unnecessarily pollute the environment. In addition, it has been produced locally and under extremely fair conditions by the same supplier in Bavaria since 2015.

Cellbee premium iphone Zubehör

At the end of 2015, they were the first company to bring a real 3D bulletproof glass with rounded edges onto the market. Unfortunately, this was quickly copied by both large and small. However, the unbelievable quality of CELLBEE® has prevailed and has become indispensable for purists and iPhone fanatics.

Since then, CELLBEE® has been an absolutely established iPhone accessory brand and has had an extremely high number of positive 5-star Amazon and website reviews. In addition, there is an award as a test winner at Hack4Life and tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

iPhone Panzerglas Testsieger


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“I want to leave a mark in the universe.” - Steve Jobs