Follow it's show time live - that's how it works

On Monday the 25. March 2019 Apple is holding its first special event this year ( all information in this CellBee® blog post ). How to follow the event live, I'll tell you in this post.

Anyone who has followed the Apple events for a number of years will still be able to remember the times when Apple itself rarely provided a live stream. In some detours you were able to follow the event live, but there the picture was often broken or the quality was so bad that you could save yourself the whole thing.

Meanwhile, there is also an official live stream from Apple at every Apple Special Event, which you can watch on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or AppleTV.

The easiest way to do this is for the It's show time event with an iOS device which is on a current iOS version (iOS 12.x). There you can simply go to the following page in Safari and watch the live stream directly: To the stream

If you are using a macOS device, all you have to do is open Safari and then switch to the Apple site to watch the stream.

As a Windows user, you can also watch the live stream with Google Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers are also possible as long as they support the media formats MSE, H.264 and AAC. If you have a compatible browser, you can simply go to the Apple site here and follow the live stream .

You can also follow the special event live on the Apple TV . Simply download the free Apple Events app from the AppStore and switch it on at 18:00 .

Is that also available in German? Yes!

If you are not very good at English, or would prefer to follow the presentation in German, you can also do so.

For several years now I have been commenting on every Apple event in my free live ticker. The service is in German and the best thing about it: You are a few seconds ahead of the people following the live stream and the first thing you see is the new products.
I am reporting on Monday the 25. March 2019 from 17:45 (i.e. already 15 minutes before the start) for you. Interested parties can visit .

Incidentally, this option is also useful for anyone who wants to watch the presentation while they are working.


When? March 25, 2019

Where? Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, Cupertino

Beginning? 18:00 (our time)


Live Ticker?

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