Apple supports HomeKit and AirPlay in iOS 12.2 on TVs

With iOS 12.2, we are facing some exciting new features. As reported last week, iOS 12.2 supports limiting screen time per day . But there is a much more exciting innovation in iOS 12.2: HomeKit and AirPlay support for televisions! At the CES in Las Vegas, both LG and Samsung presented their latest models with integrated AirPlay . For the first time, iOS 12.2 also supports the new television models from the manufacturers. In iOS 12.2, the icon of the TV remote control also changes and you can look forward to a new, fresh design. To be able to use these new features, however, you need a smart TV from 2019. Since you can't / don't always want to buy a new TV, there is AppleTV. Because the AppleTV 4 * and AppleTV 4k * also support TVOS 12.2 control.

How to control your TV with iOS 12.2

As soon as you have added your television to the Home app, you can rename the individual inputs and also switch between the individual inputs. The volume itself can then be changed directly via the iPhone, or the television can be switched on or off.

Particularly practical: by integrating it into the Home app, you will then also be able to control your television via Siri or create smart scenes. For example, you can dim the lighting in the living room when you switch to the Playstation's HDMI port.

With iOS 12.2, the remote control is practically superfluous. For my part, I am curious to see how well the integration will go and whether it will really be a relief or just a hassle.

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